Monocacy Battlefield, Fall Mini Session, Hales Family

This fall session at the Monocacy Battlefield with the Hales family was so much fun, and the light was gorgeous! Their son, Grayson, just wanted to run around and play, so we were happy to follow him around.

The sun was setting while we were taking these, and the golden hour light combined with the yellow grass made these pictures seriously dreamy. I think Grayson’s favorite part was definitely running around on the porch of the farm house. We played a game where he would run toward me, then I would stomp my feet and pretend like I was going to chase him. He would run back to his parents, then I would snap a shot while he was smiling. It was exhausting, but so fun!

Caitlin and Tim were super easy going and fun to be around. I think by the end, even Tim was getting into the posing. He gave me a couple model faces, and I even included one in the blog post.

I think monocacy battlefield might be my favorite place to shoot family pictures. I love the wide open spaces and all the different colors. And it’s super secluded, so I almost never have to worry about other people being around.

These portraits were shot with the 85mm I rented, and I am absolutely head over heels in love. I cannot wait to buy it for myself.















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