Baker park, Fall Mini Session, Rentas Family

I had a hard time finding some fall colors for the Rentas family at Baker Park at this session, but I think the pictures turned out beautiful anyway.

The Rentas family is absolutely gorgeous, and they were so sweet! I absolutely loved working with, talking to, and having fun with them. My favorite part was when I was taking their pictures in front of the bell tower, and it started ringing. It made me jump so high that we all laughed about it, which made for some really cute pictures. Eventually, Fabian started dancing to the bell chimes, as you can see. So cute!

I loved watching Vernice and Jorge interact with each other because you can tell how much they love each other and how much fun they have. Whenever I take couples photos, I try to say ridiculous things to make them laugh, and it was so easy to make this family laugh!

They were a pure joy to be with, and I am honored to show you their pictures. Please enjoy the Rentas family!



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