Monocacy Battlefield, Fall mini session, Elwood Family

I chose the Monocacy Battlefield for the Elwood family’s fall mini session because it’s honestly my favorite place for pictures. I just love the look and feel of the trees, grass, barn, everything!

I am so excited to show you these pictures and this family! The Elwood family made my job so easy and they were so much fun. The light during this session was seriously so dreamy, and we got some really great backlighting. I’ve also never had anyone come so prepared for a session with kids before! Seriously amazing.

The girls, Brooklyn and Kennedy did everything I asked and just smiled so big every single picture! Those kids were such sweethearts. Little Parker was a bit upset until he got some blueberries, and then he was totally happy, which is totally relatable.

Thank you so much Elwood family for trudging through long grass and weeds with me so I could get the lighting I wanted! I hope you enjoy!




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