Baker Park- Back to School and Birthday Portraits- Heller Family

This back to school portrait session might have been my easiest session so far. The Heller family have been taking regular pictures with my friend Doorly from Noel Grace Photography for a couple years, so they are pros by now. The boys did everything I asked them to do, and they made me laugh the whole time. This session was seriously so much fun.

I borrowed a wagon from my friend Jalene so I could actually bring all of these props with me to Baker Park. I know I definitely confused a lot of people by walking around with a desk and globe, but it was totally worth it because these pictures turned out so cute.

Besides back to school pictures, Chrissy wanted pictures of Nate because he’s turning 11, I believe. Happy birthday! He is so handsome and such a pleasure to photograph. I was also happy I was able to get a few silly pictures so everyone can see their personalities. They are so silly.

I chose this spot next to the creek because it was pretty, the light was diffusing through the trees creating a lot of shade, and there weren’t any people. There was a concert going on at the amphitheater while we were taking these, so we had to find somewhere that wasn’t so populated with people.

I really enjoyed this photo shoot and had so much fun. I hope you enjoy these pictures of Nate, Zack, and Alex Heller.


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