Baker Park, Back to school Pictures, Audrey and Daphne

We did this back to school session at Baker Park. I was a little nervous about the light, but the lighting and the background ended up being gorgeous.

I had such a great time taking pictures of these two girls. They were so excited to tell me about their upcoming school year. Due to circumstances, they’re being homeschooled, and Audrey is in third grade and Daphne is in kindergarten. They both excitedly told me what they love to do and how good they are at school. I believe them! Daphne can already read!

Before I even asked them to do anything, both girls struck a pose and gave me the best smiles. They made my job easy! They are a military family, like me, so we got to talk about constantly moving. I can totally relate to that! Audrey and Daphne’s dad is also in the medical/research field like my Hubby, so that was fun to talk about too. Both the girls wanted to do pictures under the tree, and I thought it was too cute not to! Look how adorable their tiny toes are under that giant tree!!

Good luck this year, girls! It was a pleasure meeting you! Here is Audrey and Daphne.


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