Harpers Ferry, Murphy Farm, Family Session- Benoit Family

This session was shot in Harpers Ferry. It was a slightly overcast day, so the lighting was really dreamy.

I’ve known Lise for 4 years now, so I can safely say that she is an incredible human being. The best part about being around Lise is that you can be yourself completely, and she accepts you for who you are. I don’t have pretend to have my life all together, look amazing, or pretend like I’m okay when I’m not, and she’s completely fine and accepting of me. I love her. So, when she asked me to take her family pictures, I was thrilled. Lise and John just recently moved to the Harper’s Ferry area, and since I’ve never been there before, I thought it would be a good idea to go out there and scout some locations. On Tuesday I went to Harpers Ferry to look around, and that was the night there was a huge thunderstorm. Going around a bend next to a cliff, a rock fell on my car. Then, later on in the drive, there was standing water on the highway and I hydroplaned off the road a little bit. I was and am totally fine and so is my car. I was just a little shaken up.

Murphy’s Farm ended up being the perfect place for pictures because Lise wanted to be somewhere green. The lighting was great, there weren’t any people around, and we had so much fun. Aren’t those flower crowns cute!? I just love that Lise wanted her and her girls to wear those. Thank you Jalene for making them! Eastwood had on suspenders, a hat, and tiny shoes that just melted my heart. Besides taking some family photos, Lise and John wanted some 6 month pictures of Eastwood, and he was an absolute dream the entire time. I hope you’re swooning over his cuteness as much as I am.

After the session was over, I realized I couldn’t find one of my lens caps. So, I put all my stuff in the car, left the door open, and went looking for my lens cap. Lise was nice enough to help me. It ended up being in the bottom of my camera bag, so I felt pretty dumb. I shut the car door and immediately had the horrible realization that I just locked my keys and phone inside the car. I was driving Dan’s car and I just wasn’t used to how his car works. Luckily, Lise and John hadn’t left yet, so I ran over and used Lise’s phone to call Dan and Jalene. Jalene went to my house, got Dan’s keys, then came all the way out to Harpers Ferry to give them to me. That is true friendship, my friends. While I was sitting on my car waiting for Jalene, I was able to watch the sun go down at Murphy’s Farm in complete silence. I was all alone, watching the colors bloom across the sky, and I had an incredible moment of peace. I said a prayer, and I sat and listened to the sounds of nature. It was actually really nice.

So, though I would not recommend locking yourself out of your car at night far from home, everything turned out just fine. And, through all of that chaos and drama, came these gorgeous pictures. Thank you so much for letting me photograph you Benoits! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Here is the Benoit family.


Family of 5 sitting on the grass smiling

Family of 5 standing on a path next to a tree Family of 5 sitting down on a dirt path

Father and baby and mother and babybaby with hat and bowtie inside a basket

baby with hat, suspenders, and bowtie inside a basket 2 sisters kissing their baby brother

 mom and dad making baby laugh 2 sisters and 1 brother smiling togetherhusband and wife smiling in a field husband and wife smiling in a field  little girl laying down in a field and smiling 2 little girls dancing

  1. Jalene says:

    These turned out gorgeous!! Love both of you!

  2. Jen says:

    Lise is an amazing person. Your pictures of her family are beautiful!

  3. Carrie says:

    I love these people and the photos are spot on of their personalities! Well done!

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