Walkersville Community Park, Family Session– Torbert Family

I loved this family session. These boys, Milo and Bryce, were just the cutest models and so cooperative. Eventually, they even started posing themselves, and I was all for that. They are a military family and live on Fort Detrick, which is awesome because we are a military family too! Holly and Marquis met in high school here in Maryland. I asked her if they were high school sweethearts, and she laughed and said on and off, which I think just makes it cuter. Every time I asked them to follow me to a new location, Milo and Bryce would race me there. They always won.

Walkersville Community Park is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to shoot because of all the different locations you can choose from. It has a covered bridge, and couple other super cute bridges, a little river, a playground, and the Walkersville Railroad runs right through it. We didn’t take any pictures with the covered bridge this time because the lighting wasn’t ideal over there, but I promise it was gorgeous. If you get the chance, you should head over there and check it out.

I hope you enjoy this adorable family as much as I did. Here is the Torbert family.


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