Styled Shoot, Caroline Logan Workshop, Lancaster, PA

I’ve been trying to write this blog post about the Caroline Logan Workshop for a month, but the words just wouldn’t come. How do you accurately describe such an amazing experience? Caroline is incredible. She started her photography journey at 14 years old and 10 years later she is a thriving, highly sought after wedding photographer! Once you see her images, you’ll understand why she’s so popular. Caroline is insanely talented, business savvy, and creative, but more important than that, she’s kind. I loved listening to her because she is full of faith and you can tell she truly loves people. She is such an inspiration to me, and everyone who’s ever met her.

I am so lucky to be able to learn from her.

I think by far my favorite part was the styled shoot. I learned SO MUCH just by watching Caroline photograph and direct this amazing couple. She thinks of prompts and poses that I never would have, and now I’m going to copy her forever.

She also taught us all about the business aspect of photography. Honestly, that’s what I needed to hear the most. I have a whole notebook full of notes about how to help my business. I have big things planned for 2020!

The women who came to this workshop with me are all incredibly talented and amazing. I had an absolutely amazing time and I’m so glad Doorly told me about it and pushed me to go. Speaking of Doorly, nothing about my business would be possible without her. She pushes me when I need it and encourages me when I’m down.

Thank you so much Caroline for such an amazing experience! I hope to continue to grow and improve until I’m at your level.

Here are my favorite images from the styled shoot.

Workshop | @carolineloganphoto #carolineloganworkshop
Creative Direction & Styling | @yoursweetestdayevents
Florals | @philosophyflowers
Hair & Makeup | @unfadingbeautybykristen
Furniture Rentals |
Dishware | @gigiandlaclede
Gown | @bhldn
Tux | @centralpatuxedo
Cake | @flourettasweet
Macarons | @bakingtarastreats
Stationary Suite | @camimonet
Custom Lettering | @lineandletterdesigns



  1. Nicole D says:

    Beautiful images! This styled shoot looked like a dream!!!!

  2. Sunny says:

    Omg! Beautiful!

  3. Sunny says:

    Omg beautiful! ♥️

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