This fall session at the Monocacy Battlefield with the Hales family was so much fun, and the light was gorgeous! Their son, Grayson, just wanted to run around and play, so we were happy to follow him around. The sun was setting while we were taking these, and the golden hour light combined with the […]

I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites for this senior session at Baker Park because I love them all! The reason is simple, Kat is amazing. She is so much fun, and she wanted pictures with all her pets, so that was a lot of fun. I believe Kat was blessed with an […]

I had a hard time finding some fall colors for the Rentas family at Baker Park at this session, but I think the pictures turned out beautiful anyway. The Rentas family is absolutely gorgeous, and they were so sweet! I absolutely loved working with, talking to, and having fun with them. My favorite part was […]

I chose the Monocacy Battlefield for the Elwood family’s fall mini session because it’s honestly my favorite place for pictures. I just love the look and feel of the trees, grass, barn, everything! I am so excited to show you these pictures and this family! The Elwood family made my job so easy and they […]

Because of the weather here in Maryland, the leaves at Baker Park haven’t turned as much as I would have liked, but I was still able to find some fall colors for this cute family. The Roberts family is military, like me, and that always makes me happy. I love being able to serve our […]

I know I say this every time, but I loved this fall mini session at Baker Park! Liz and her family were so cute, funny, and joyful. They made my job so easy! Liz specifically wanted willow trees for these family portraits, which is why we picked this location. It also happened that Liz’s parents […]

Justin and Jalene had an amazing couple’s portrait session at Baker Park. The light was so dreamy, and the two of them are exceptionally good looking. They made my job so easy! I asked Justin and Jalene to come and model for me because I wanted to practice taking pictures of a couple for a […]

We did this back to school session at Baker Park. I was a little nervous about the light, but the lighting and the background ended up being gorgeous. I had such a great time taking pictures of these two girls. They were so excited to tell me about their upcoming school year. Due to circumstances, […]

This back to school portrait session might have been my easiest session so far. The Heller family have been taking regular pictures with my friend Doorly from Noel Grace Photography for a couple years, so they are pros by now. The boys did everything I asked them to do, and they made me laugh the […]

I took the Chapouris family photos at Baker Park on Wednesday evening. It was hot, but a little bit cloudy, so the weather wasn’t bad and the lighting was great. The Chapouris family is one of my very favorite families of all time. I have known Megan for quite some time now, and she is […]